Open Minds - Open Hearts: Europe of Youth (Youth Camp, 12.-18.06.) in Prora


Ort: Jugendherberge Prora auf Rügen
Zeit: 12.–18.06.2018
Manuela Schwesig, Ministerpräsidentin des Landes Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Im Juni treffen sich 120 Jugendliche aus 10 europäischen Ländern in Prora auf Rügen! Sei dabei und erlebe inhaltlichen Austausch, Kultur, Debatten sowie Sport und Spaß!

In Workshops gehen wir unter anderem diesen Fragen nach:

  • Wie soll ein Europa der Jugend gestaltet sein?
  • Wie kann die Inklusion von Geflüchteten gelingen?
  • Wie kann zu mehr Kooperation statt Populismus beigetragen werden?
  • Und wie können sich Jugendliche in Gesellschaft und Politik beteiligen?

Die Ergebnisse diskutieren wir im Anschluss mit verschiedenen Politiker_innen vor Ort.
Außerdem gibt es Zeit für Sport an und in der Ostsee sowie für Musik, kulturellen Austausch, Spiele, Kunst, Geschichte und Umwelt.

Wir erwarten etwa 60 Jugendliche aus MV und 60 junge Menschen aus Spanien, Finnland, Irland, Italien, Polen, Schweden, der Slowakei, Rumänien und der Ukraine, jeweils im Alter von 16 bis 25 Jahren.

Die Arbeitssprache ist Englisch. More Information in ENGLISH -->

Weitere Informationen:

Patronage: Manuela Schwesig, Minister-President of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Europe can be a network of creative, social and intercultural interactions and youngsters want to take part in the creation of a european future. That‘s why we will meet with numerous young people from different european countries in Prora (Rügen).

We want to find out which possibilities of participation do already exist and we will also look for new options.


  • How can refugees be included more effectively into youth organisations?
  • Which visions do we have for Europe?
  • And how can we strengthen cooperation and intercultural learning?

Meanwhile there will be plenty of time and space for art, music, history, environmental topics and (water) sports as the event takes place right next to the coast.

Finally the results are brought into a political context. Politicians will visit us and we can discuss our perspectives with them during a political conference.

The program

Tuesday, 12.06.
In the evening everyone arrives and will be welcomed with a meal.

Wednesday, 13.06.
This day we'll get to know each other and have several team building activities.

Thursday, 14.06.
Half the day will be used for workshops and the other for freetime activities like sports and cultural events.

Friday, 15.06.
We continue with the workshops in the morning. After the lunch break we can do small study trips or other freetime activities.

Saturday, 16.06.
Having started with the workshops, we will present the results in a political conference and discuss them with our guests. Besides one can get to know the involved youth organizations and at night there is a concert.

Sunday, 17.06.
We will start the day with a brunch. As it is the last day, there will be time for reviews, the follow-up and feedback.

Monday, 18.06.
After breakfast everybody leaves homewards.

Who can take part?

The event is planned for youngsters between the age of 16 and 25. You can take part if you live in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern or in Spain, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia, Romania or the Ukraine.

Where is it going to take place?

We will meet in Prora (Rügen) at the Baltic See in Germany. People from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern will camp outside and the groups from abroad will stay at the youth hostel due to questions of logistics.

What does it cost?

The fee for the whole project is 25 EUR for people from MV and 50 EUR for all others. It includes all activities, accomodation and standard catering.

Who organizes the event?

The event is organized by the Landesjugendring MV (Regional Youth Council Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) and its member associations.

How can I enrol?

If you want to take part, please register yourself before the 17th May via our online form.

Further Informations:

Logos der Förderer des Projekts

+49 385 76076-0
Landesjugendring M-V e. V.
Goethestraße 73
19053 Schwerin